super madness

The superbowl was amusing, at least. I think we had to reminded after half time that this was a duel to the death between the NFL's best, not lousiest...but they both improved (if only somewhat) over the last two quarters. Except for Rex Grossman, poor lad. Maybe the halftime peptalk went something like this:'re supposed to HOLD ON TO THE BALL! no points for flinging it wherever you please. Just to prove I can write about something other than football, guess what I learned! I was reading Le Morte D'Arthur and discovered how Merlin was really undone. You see, I grew up with the version that he feel in love with a wily maiden named Vivien who weasled all his secrets out of him and then trapped him with them. Which makes you feel pretty poorly for Merlin. Turns out the maiden in question was actually named Nimue, and far from using Merlin, she was trying to escape him! Yes, Merlin was stalking her, bugging her, and generally making a complete nuisance of himself. So, to rid herself of this troublesome wizard, she stuck him under a rock. Served him right.


Zosia (z•O•sha') said...

Yep. Much better version, isn't it? It's slightly hard to imagine Merlin desperately following her around, though. But still, we all have our weaknesses. Aparently, she was his.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Creagan you show an alarming interest in football. Are you a guy?

Catherine_Creagan said...

I'm a girl! I swear! ask "erasmus" or "fr barry". they will attest to the fact.

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