immigration fatigue

Je suis tres, tres fatigue... This about hits it on the head. I am totally spent on immigration and have had to avoid the Hugh Hewitt show assiduously for the past week since he can't talk about anything else. Medved's at least addressed it and then moved on, while Prager has now confessed that he's not that jubilant about the bill getting killed and will probably start talking about how we need to fix the situation differently. Me, I'm relieved. Relieved that the bill isn't going through because I'm not too terribly thrilled with rewarding law breaking but also because I've had it. I don't want to hear about immigration for at least for another month. Hope springs eternal. On another note I am also tired of hearing illegal aliens called undocumented immigrants. I'm not anti-immigrant, and they're not immigrants. They're stowaways.


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