ginger men

Yesterday the ancient practice of decorating gingerbread men in as strange a fashion as possible was carried on, possibly for the last time. Mom isn't as into original characters as her children. So this year we had Al Gore, Julius Rosenberg, Rambo, Elton John, Red Shirt Guy From Star Trek, Man Who Was In An Accident, Hairy Man, Cardinal Wolsey, among others. I was going to recreate the Italian Olympic swimmer I made about eight years ago, but forgot.


esther said...

"Man Who Was In An Accident"

once we hang them on the tree, doesnt that denote about 3/4 of them?

as it is, i can imagine what he looks like, and mom's chagrin

Catherine_Creagan said...

yes, but this guy's injuries are a little more graphic than your basic loss of limb. Wolsey already lost an arm...

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