and then...

Bret Favre is gone. At least from football, he is. It's funny, but I was told he had retired, I was genuinely upset; I didn't realize I liked him that much. Maybe it's just that he's such a staple of the NFL...maybe because he's played for literally my entire life so far. He never seemed old to me because he was Bret Favre: he was immortal! Or something like that. I wonder if he will continue to make commercials for heartburn medication (hey, I have acid reflux disease) and jeans with stretchy waistbands.
Nothing to be ashamed of there; the Mannings (all four of them) are still advertising Oreos.
I will miss him next season, and I still say it would have been nice for him to retire on a Superbowl. Yes, I'm talking to you, Eli.
Incidentally, this is the day Stalin died, over fifty years ago. The KGB took over the government then....and still has control. Cue the perturbation.


Anonymous said...

i was in krispy kreme with alessandra and saw the sports headline about him retiring
i got teary


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