I've never seen or understood rightly the appeal of Presidential hopeful Barack Obama. His slogans and speeches all exhibit degrees of vagueness I would find amusing if they weren't inspiring mad devotion in people I know. This is a phenomenon I find most disturbing: the Catholic (serious Catholic) who thinks Obama is not only an option, he's the best option out there! I didn't really believe it until a few comments and conversations revealed the extent of the damage.
It's one thing for a non-Catholic to compromise on issues. But when the Catholic Church is the last bastion of hardline stances on the difficult stuff (abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, etc) there is no excuse for well informed Catholics to throw ethics to the winds for the sake of a few feel good speeches. If (however unlikely) he does turn out to be the one who pulls America up by the bootstraps and fixes all our problems, you still have to ask the question: at what cost?
Hitler did wonders for Germany after WWI. He fixed the broken country. At what cost? Was it worth a few million Jews here and a few million other people there? The Germans protested to the Allies that they didn't know. They had no conception of the horrors of Auschwitz and Dechau. But we know what they do in abortion clinics. The methods they use to "terminate pregnancies" are as terrifying and inhuman as the gas chambers and ovens. We can't say that we didn't know that abortionists were tearing children limb from, or that they were poisoning them so they could slowly die in agony. Ignorance would be bliss in this case, but we've seen the nightmare of the Silent Scream.
You can make this issue complex, but I'm going to make it simple. Are you going to vote for someone who publicly commends this practice, or for someone who publicly denounces it?
This really isn't hard to figure out, but will Catholics choose listen to Church teaching and natural law?
We can only hope.


esther said...

he's a moron who got into office in chicago because he was a last minute stand-in WITHOUT COMPETITION.
he's so full of himself it really isnt surprising he has no room for true guts.
he's the most pro-choice candidate this country has ever seen, and even if that were not an issue, i would love, LOVE, to see someone explain to me his PLAN for education reform, tax reform, health care, and everything else under the sun he melodramatically talks about fixing, but so far without any roadmap.
oh yeah, dont forget we are a country AT WAR. please, PLEASE show me how on earh this nitwit is going to handle that.
one thing i can say about hillary, and maybe ive been brainwashed, but depite all her screamingly obvious faults, she will make sure this country stays safe from external threats at least.
electing obama would be like electing a president holding a big international sign saying "i know nothing. terrorize the blazes out of us."

back in the day bin-ladin said that taking the USA would be easy, we would collapse ourselves.
obama isnt just collapsing, its rolling out the red carpet for radical islam, communism, and pretty much everything else that sucks.

what moron do you know that actually thinks this hot air balloon stands for anything?
i mean, common. you have a better friend pool than that.
unless its an "im insecure coz all my friends are conservative nerds who can't think outside the box, so i need to stand out and be radical and join the herd of juvenille shmucks stampeeding the country because they're too unimaginative and preoccupied with whats on MTV to think for themselves."

if so, dont worry. s/he'll grow up eventually.

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