I'll tell you a tale

That week went by about as fast as any week I've ever experienced. So now I feel like discoursing on something I've had occasion to think about recently. Ever since I read The Story of the Irish Race I've felt very protective of the country whose heritage I claim. This sentiment causes extreme reactions to fake Irish accents, stereotypes, among other things. Drinking songs are one of those things about which I feel very strongly. One, once in while, I don't have a problem with. But when congregations of people who want to get together, be Catholic, and bellow out some tunes, lapse into one drinking song after another, something in me begins to smoulder. There are so many songs which are more truly Irish (all our wars are merry, and all our songs are SAD). Why would you wish to prolong the stereotype of the drunken, whiskey obsessed Irishman? Especially when it's stereotype propagated by the British to give Irish Catholics a bad name? I would instead suggest breaking out some more respectful and stirring music, a la "The Foggy Dew" or "Wearing of the Green". Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

hear hear. (i wonder if a comma belongs between those two?)
i'm fascinated by the popular irish-american attitude of rambunctious, recklessly cheery irish music. traditionally, or so i hear, irish music made you want to cry or maybe kill someone, not clap your best bud on the back out of sheer perkiness.
i say out with drinking songs. or if you insist on a drinking song, there's probably a better norse ballad/saga.

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