Albi the Racist Dragon

Has anyone else seen Flight of the Conchords?

ah well

Looks like we're stuck with Penny Pensive up there...although you'd think we could come up with someone who can afford trousers. I keep running into Jurassic Park. I watched it without my friend before my sojourn into Wyoming. Then at mine sister's house, we turn on the TV and there it is, in all it's gory glory. Then (during the course of a youtube battle with aforesaid sister) I ran into that, which I have probably watched ten times. And then mine brother comes in here and asks, "Hey, wanna watch Jurassic Park?" Amazing.


The Tuynmans Experiment

I found this on the Wine-Dark Sea. Does nobody care about art today because they're uneducated, or is it because most modern art doesn't deserve a second glance? I like how adding a Sigur Ros soundtrack to any documentary makes it more profound.



Ok, so I haven't posted in forever because I've been away for my health. Sort of. I've been halfway across the country and I'm not back yet, but if you want me to continue at any point with more of my deep insights into completely random topics, this layout has got to go. It's just boring. And so mainstream. This is what almost every blog looks like, what's the fun in that? That dancing figure may have been weird and getting old, but at least she provided some impetus for me to post. That was a blog I wanted to update. This hideous creation is just begging to be neglected. Ben, do your thing. Make it cool again.


Drummond & Son

If you haven't heard of Charles D'ambrosio, then go read his short story, Drummond & Son, immediately!


Oy, Ben, um....what's with the sudden color change?



Let me just say, Eisley is as awesome as ever!