football feevah

I just realized that I am a total footbal fanatic. How did I come to this conclusion? Listen to this. Today I decided that the world's three major religions, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, can be seen in the light got it, football. It's like this. Because Muslims are the farthest away from the truth and therefore, of the three, the least well informed on God, they are like a high school football team. They play (pray, hehe) on Fridays. Jews, however, are better off than the Muslims, and are like a college football team. College football teams are better than high school team; and they play on Saturdays (Jews go to synagogue on Saturdays...)! Lastly, you have the Christians; they are like professional footballs teams and play on Sundays. And are better than college or high school teams. At first I was highly amused. Then I thought...did I actually just come up with that?


Lenor said...

so does this mean that the Cowboys, being God's favorite team and all, are the Catholic Church of football?

Catherine_Creagan said...

this is where it gets tricky. In my opinion, the Patiots, the Cowboys, and the Seahawks are all Catholic. So I think I'll say that the Patriots are Roman Rite and the Cowboys are Byzantine Rite and the Seahawks are Chaldean Catholics.

The Colts are Anglicans. The Eagles are Lutherans.

esther said...

what about green bay?

and that is hilarious. you're so wise catherine.

Anonymous said...

what about green bay?

and that is hilarious. you're so wise catherine.

sarah said...

And Monday night is...oh yeah! Choir practice!

Catherine_Creagan said...

The Packers are...Methodists.

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