Stardust Movie

More info on Neil Gaiman's first big-budget movie. Stardust has gone into preview screenings for test audiences and has been getting sweet reviews. Comparisons to Princess Bride abound, but it looks like it's kept that Jonathan Strangesque darkness that made the book so cool. Its about time we got to see a straight up, non-cheesy fairy story, set in Faery, and with some acting muscle behind it (Clarie Danes, Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Peter O'Toole, etc) Read the Aint it Cool News Review here.


Anonymous said...

That's some definite acting muscle, as you say. The same is true of The Golden Compass.

I think that's one of the under-reported LOTR stories. Before, acting in a fantasy film was either a career-damaging "kiss-of-death" move, or one that was only done for the money.

Now, serious actors are taking this sort of material seriously. Thanks, PJ!

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