Another blankety blank day in paradise

Global warming is going to kill us all...and me first. What's with the 100+ degree weather? Seriously, I live in the Northwest for a reason. I don't like hot days. I start whining when it cracks 80, I refuse to go outside if it goes past 90, but 100? Please. I know it's July and all, but how about some nice sunny days at a breezy 74? Sound good? Or maybe even a pleasant downpour. Just make the sun go away.


Unknown said...

Thats pretty funny...considering that this week, ie 5th of November is the first in which temps are consistently in the mid to low 70s here in florida. its been between 80 and 100+ degrees since I arrived in August, and apparently the only reason it is cooler is due to Hurricane Noel...anyways never thought i could get used to it, but now i were long pants in 90+ degrees on a regular basis...and did I mention the humidity?

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