Salmon Jerkey is good

Salmon Jerkey tastes like beef jerkey but with a very, very faint fishy aftertaste. And because it's salmon, it bothers me not a whit. Our printer is stupid and prints with annoying lines through everything, even though I clean its printer heads for it. Machines are useless, they just break down. It's vexing. I'm terribly vexed. So I finished a collection of Washington Irving short stories. Nathaniel Hawthorne is obsessed with Puritans and Washington Irving is obsessed with Dutchmen. After soccer training camp thing today, we did the most fabulous ab workout, but if you want to know what it was, you will have to ask in a comment, because I'm so depressed about the lack of comments. And I KNOW people are reading this, because sometimes certain people will reference certain posts, and I will think...why did you not comment??? It's so sad to know that you are not talking to a brick wall, just people who refuse to acknowledge you in the cyberworld. I would have a better work ethic if someone would comment. And Sarah's off the hook because I'm pretty sure there aren't any computers in Wyoming.


Anonymous said...

fear not WLC, we all are reading

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wimps like crumpets.

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