A Canticle For Leibowitz

I finished A Canticle For Leibowitz today. I hope I am not alone in feeling utterly and hopelessly confused about the very end. Well, not the Church being blasted into space, that I get. But what was up with the talking head? Why was she innocent and why did she have the preternatural gifts? And what happened to Mrs. Grales? Thoughts, anyone?
I really liked that last abbot, I have to say. His rebuttals to the euthanasia happy doctor were awesome. As was his lecture to the sick mother with the sicker baby. (Radiation poisoning)
" 'If I am being a little brutal,' said the priest, 'then it is to you, not to the baby. The baby, as you say, can't understand. And you, as you say, are not complaining. Therefore--'
'Therefore you're asking me to let her die slowly and--'
'No! I'm not asking you. As a priest of Christ I am commanding you by the authority of Almighty God not to lay hands on your child, not to offer her life in sacrifice to a false god of expedient mercy. I do not adivse you, I adjure and command you in the name of Christ the King. Is that clear?' "
It's clear to me! Man, I love that guy. I think we could stand to have a few more priests like him around in these days of murky compromise.


"Father Barry" said...

Try THIS. It might help. (Probably not, though.)

Catherine_Creagan said...

Thank you! that actually helped a lot.

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