Oferte Vobis Pacem

I don't dig the sign of peace. The only time I saw a sign/kiss of peace that seemed appropriate and a good call was at John Paul II's funeral. Anytime you've got the Ayatollah of anything shaking hands with the Prime Minister of Israel you've got a miracle. Which seems especially appropriate at Mass. Or you can do the sign of peace before Mass, which makes much more sense. You know, dropping whatever you have against your brother before you approach the altar. But why do we have to smash the mood during the liturgy of the Eucharist? Talk about spiritual whiplash. One moment you're listening to the Sanctus, praying the Pater Noster, still in a state of contemplation after the Eucharistic Prayer, when BAM! Some nut next to you is grasping your hand with a seamy smile of fraternal love. Be it a sweaty palm or a sandpapery one, it's inevitably jarring. And then you're supposed to snap back into it for the Agnus Dei and communion. I suppose the key phrase here is "killing the mood" because Mass is not about how you the worshipper feel but about how the Worshipped is treated. On the other hand, I do think it might be more reverent to postpone the convention and hushed babble until afterwards. I can't imagine it would be anyone's first reaction to witnessing the Crucifixion..."Let's hug!!!" Maybe I'm wrong and crabby. (Perfectly possible answer) But I'm pretty tired of this thing.


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