College Quest Part I

Hillsdale was smaller than I imagined, but other than that lived up to all my expectations. I could definitely see myself there, but am unsure that I am supposed to be there. Unlike our other options it actually has merit scholarships which is exciting if I can impress them. It was a beautiful campus, I have to say. With the fall colors everywere, the arboretum was particularly spectacular.
Sports is a bigger deal there than I would have thought, which is attractive to me. There are a couple of rather hideous freshman dorms, but maybe that's for bonding purposes. There are also Greek houses, which is a black mark in some people's books. The cafeteria wasn't terrible, but wasn't really inspiring.
Catholic church is in walking distance, downtown. Dowtown Hillsdale is really picturesque, it would be fun to walk around there.
I don't have any stories except that at a swing dance one guy asked me to dance and danced through three songs straight. Didn't stop when the music did, just kept going. It was quite something. I left.


Anonymous said...

you may want to check the spelling on this doozy.

Nickel Halfwise said...
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Nickel Halfwise said...

I think I understand how you have felt about comments now....

Anyway, what are you planning on studying?

Zosia (z•O•sha') said...

ummm....pretty please, could you put up part two? and WHHAA...i need to talk to you. sooooon. so much to talk about. and you have to tell me about your trip. call me! but not tomorrow night, 'cause guess who's back! that's right! the Marine! and he's only here for 10 days. but anyways, we gotta talk!

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