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Huddle as they might, they still couldn't stop the Pats from scoring FORTY NINE points against them. Yeah.
Last night NBC aired a tiresome little piece on nightly news on Cubans immigrating (in a manner of speaking) to the US. Oddly enough, most of their officious disapproval was directed toward the smugglers who make a fortune out of sneaking Cubans out of Havana into Miami. My only complaint against the smugglers was the rates they charged. But no, the silly little investigative reporter sympathetically made the rounds with the Cuban police, commiserating with him on how difficult it was to stem the flood of people racing to Miami. A moderately intelligent person might why would these people risk anything, money, life, or limb to cross that body of water? What exactly would drive a family to build a boat out of styrofoam in the faint hope of making it to America?
Maybe it's because they like the beaches better in Florida. But judging from the idyllic scenery presented of Cuba, I would guess instead that they're trying to escape the satanic hellhole that Fidel Castro (may God have mercy on his soul) has turned it into. Maybe they don't like being spied on by their neighbors or being told to do it in their turn. Maybe they don't like warrantless search and seizures, arrests, torture of the most savage and inhuman variety, and mass murder.
Just a thought.
Some spokeswoman from the Cuban government got to speak her piece on how damaging and dangerous it is for the US to grant asylum to Cubans who touch US soil. And then we got treated to a sorrowful mother mourning three children who tried to make it to the US and died en route, all because of the enticing immigration policy. (For shame, America!) Well, I hope I wasn't the only American cheering on the Cuban speedboats running away from the Coast guard toward the Miami beach. Even if it was stock footage, I couldn't help screaming, "GO!! GO!!!!!!!!!" and couldn't help feeling that the CG speedboat wasn't going as fast as it possibly could. (I wonder why that could be...)
At any rate, I doubt these desperate victims are fleeing to Miami in search of a football team. ;)


esther said...

oh, snap.

Unknown said...

living about two hours from Mimami ( I was there just last weekend!) I have to say I agree wholeheartedly, on all counts. The fact is, the cuban population is an asset to Florida, and a resurgence in authentic Catholicism is taking place. And I think the coast guard really doesnt make much of an effort, thank God!
So glad I found your blog Catherine - totally brightened my day!

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