Monday morning Quarterback #1

Notre Dame played a divinely inspired (and aided, I doubt not) game on Saturday, causing many Michigan fans here to slouch off in primal misery. Meanwhile, our ND contingent went running all over the place, broadcasting the good news. The Brady-less Patriots played a decent game against the Jets; of course, the only thing the Jets had going for them was the ever aging Brett Favre, so this victory can't get us too excited. Matt Cassell is lucky to get some sub par teams to go up against in the first few weeks. But our defense looks solid and Wes Welker looked in top form. I'm hoping he'll get to share the spotlight with Randy Moss a little more, he's way underrated. Also the running game is nicely split up between Laurence Maroney, Sammy Morris, Kevin Faulk, and others. The season may not be a disaster! Charlie Weis's strange sideline mishap, which led to a torn ACL and MCL (I think...) humorously mirrored Tom Brady's injury. Leaving the field, Weis smiled at the camera and said "You ain't got nothing on me, Tommy!"


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