After the success of the audio recording of Flannery O'Connor's voice, I've decided to try and put up rare recordings of other famous literary figures. For the most part, these are very hard to find, so bear with me. First up, Chesterton. This is from Holy Cross College, Dec. 1930:

STUDENT - Mr. Chesterton, since you are one of the foremost crusaders in the modern world of letters, we wish to adopt you into the humble ranks of the Holy Cross Crusaders.

CHESTERTON -I have to thank you for this very great honor and I do so with all my heart. I can only say that I am not much of a crusader but at least I am not a Mohammedan and many people will testify to the fact. I should like to take this opportunity of thanking you all for your enormous kindness, especially Father Earl for having received me so hospitably today.

Student Audio

Chesterton Audio


Catherine_Creagan said...

"At least I am not a Mohammedan"

ok, I have got to start using that; maybe in interviews and applications and stuff

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