Happy Constitution Day!

Yes, I think it's a total crackup that Esther's birthday is on Constitution Day. Sort of a nudge from God, Est? Maybe? Happy Birthday.

Speaking of Esther, I completely forgot that Edward Norton is in the Italian Job. Which I just watched; a frankly weird looking guy walks onto the screen and I think to myself...he looks oddly familiar. Wait! It's Ed Norton! How strange. Safe to say he didn't look his best in that particular flick. Good flick, though.

Have to say, considering all the heat Bill Belichek has been taking this past week for stationing a guy with a camera on the sideline when everyone else secretes them in the crowd, I was blown away by the Patriots' performance yesterday. Kind of like they just wanted to come out and say "We don't win games because we know the opponents defensive playcalls. We win because our coach is the best in NFL history, no power in the 'verse can break through our O line, and our quarterback is younger than Bret Favre, calmer than Peyton Manning, and better than both of them. We win because we are the Patriots, we are championship material." Watching them tear apart San Diego, supposedly one of their challengers this season, I have to say I believe them. They're going to the Super Bowl, baby.

On the other hand, I need to post on the MUSE concert. Maybe tomorrow.

And I assume its Ben that's messing around with the format on this thing. I don't know how it works. So, if mess you must, I like this one fine.


Ben Milton said...

Well, I couldn't put the original one back up...

glad you like this one; it's hard to find decent templates.

Catherine_Creagan said...

Keep it up, you're doing fine. For that matter, I've grown used to constantly changing templates. Might as well make it a way of life! That's how we roll.

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