Reverse-Temporal Messaging

So me and my roommate Tim perpetrated the most awesome prank ever a few days ago. Roisin Bulger checked her email on Tim's computer and forgot to sign out. So Tim began sending messages to Roisin. From herself. From the future. Roisin is the most gullible person I have ever met or heard of, and she fell for it completely, especially after reading the Wikipedia article on how this is a rather common occurrence. I'd written the article, entitled "reverse-temporal messaging" explaining how 50 or so years from now, Dr. Bulger will invent this process using Tachyon particles, and begin sending messages to her past self. It was my finest hour. The best part was her freaking out so much that she had to sit down, exclaiming, "This is SO freaked out. How did I do this? Dr. Bulger!? I'm not even very good at math!" Stephen and our compatriots played along beautifully too, impressed by her hidden (future) talents in theoretical physics. I'm a very bad man. And no, the Wikipedia article was taken down. :(


Catherine_Creagan said...

that is the greatest thing I have ever heard...HAHAHAHHAHA!!!! "I'm not even good at math" ?????

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