So I didn't really get to finish my thoughts yesterday and must continue.
I can't truly describe the whole experience because it's something you have to go do...can't just hear about it. Esther said they're rated one of the top five bands in the world to see live, and after seeing's glaringly obvious why.
It had its more amusing moments: during Supermassive Black Hole the screens behind the stage were showing all these robots marching around, and there was this one robot that would pop up every now and then and "get low", start gyrating around, it was the funniest thing. There was the song (one from Black Holes and Revelations, can't remember the name) where everyone was told to hold up their cell phones and sway. It's the world we live in...every person in the crowd held up his or her small but brightly lit indispensible. The effect was actually quite beautiful.
Time is Running Out was the climax, which as Esther said, was nice because it's such a classic. Starlight was a big deal, but Time is Running Out had more lights and was the one where Matt actually stopped singing to see if the crowd would keep going...and man did they ever.
It was very loud. =)
In fact, it was so loud that if you sat down and leaned against your seat, your throat and vocal chords would be vibrating from the bass. Interesting and possibly cool, but also a little creepy. I elected to stand pretty much the whole time. I was bouncing and jumping around so much that I wore the skin off the balls of my feet. Trust me, that's not nearly as bad as it sounds, this happens with my toes because of soccer. Still--was a little weird peeling off great flaps of skin when I got home. But I didn't mind.
There was some political oddity at the end, but again, I didn't care. It was an oddity, simply put. And I have to say, hearing JFK's voice come out of nowhere is enough to give the faint of heart cardiac arrest. Honestly, that man had the most unfortunate speaking voice in the history of the Presidency.
And I got a shirt!!!!!!!!
For whatever reason, Feelin' Good was the most memorable song for me in the whole thing. It's now become one of my favorites of theirs.
I want to go again! But I guess I should keep busy thanking God for being able to go at all; could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.


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