back at last

Well. 18-0 is more eloquent than any words I could say. Mine Patriots deliver when I need them to, and I have no doubt that they can blaze their way to immortality on February 3. As for the New York Giants, I can only wonder at the strange fate that led a young man unable to speak intelligibly to victory over a seasoned and articulate veteran. Not that rhetoric has anything to do with winning football games, but I suppose a deep seeded anger came to life at what I perceived to be the injustice of it all. Brett Favre is so cool and now he's probably going to retire and he won't have a super bowl ring to home with. Nice going, Eli. So far as the other aspects of my life go, I have to say that I consider Daniel Defoe a most unfortunate individual and if had met him I would have advised him to pursue a different career, writing not being his strong suit. And now I have to write a research report on Roe V. Wade and I don't know how that's going to go. I've never done a good research report before. A new discovery I've made is Rawhide . A young Clint Eastwood is intrinsically hilarious. I mean, anything he says makes me laugh because I'm always shocked at seeing a young and chipper Man With No Name.


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