I saw riverdance!

Yeah, I did! I wish I could describe it more aptly, but on further consideration, I realize that it was one of those experiences where you just had to have been there. All I can say is that yes, it was cheesier than the old show we have a tape of, but at the same time, it was way, way, way, cooler. They jazzed everything up and made it even more entertaining. There was only one act that had me bored/amused for its entirety...they had some kind of slow pagan song and dance thing going on, hyper dramatic and intense, supposedly. I kept myself from laughing out loud by the force of my iron will and my consumate sense of propriety, of course. That's not to say I wasn't shaking silently with repressed giggles.
At one point the voiceover guy (talk about dramatic) was meandering on about the Irish immigrating to the new land (America) and taking their culture with them, etc. etc. The lights go up, and they started doing something like line dancing/square dancing, but more impressive. Basically, not your grandmother's barn raising. I kept expecting the voiceover guy to continue "we came to America....and then it all devolved into this stuff." (Square dancing)

It was a really good show, anyway, and I'm really glad I got to see them live. It was pretty awesome.


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