So, let me see, I don't think I have posted anything here for a long time. Considering that I am on the couch anyways, I think it is high time I started contributing once again. And so I'll begin with Moomins.
When I was a little tyke, this was my favorite series, and I must admit that it still remains so, even after all these years. The books are written by Tove Jansson, a Finnish author, and are very popular in Finland. My great-grandmother, when she was abroad, brought back two Moomin books for my mother. She treasured them all her childhood, and luckily saved them. They are like nothing you will ever encounter, filled with adventures, stories, memoirs, and small beasts of all sorts who wear bows on their tails.
For more information, click here, and I would recommend the series to everyone of all ages as the most humorous, engaging and adventurous children's book I have ever read.


Ben Milton said...

Hey these look awesome! I'm going to have to read them someday. Good to see you posting again...

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