I'm ill equipped to write movie reviews. I watch a film, I like or dislike it, and most of the time I have a really hard time explaining why.
Kind of like when I saw Juno; I came out of the theatre with a sense of unhappiness and dissatisfaction, but I never was able to put those feelings into words.
Here are my words for The Incredible Hulk.
Man alive, that movie was good.


Ben Milton said...

Here's the thing. When in superhero mode, the hulk isn't very interesting. Cool, in his own way, sure. But fairly boring. When in non-superhero mode, he's even more boring. There's really isn't much to relate to in either of his incarnations. Plus, the villain factor was inevitably lame. The only villains the hulk can have are villains who are just like him, except more so. Kinda like Iron Man. Though the references to The Super Soldier Serum (Captain America!) Shield, and Tony Stark were really fun. I was pretty bummed that "Mr. Blue" didn't turn out to have been Mr. Fantastic of the F4, because that would have been way cooler and made more sense.

Anonymous said...

i think its ok to have completely visceral reactions to movies. it makes you human.
but the hulk was only mediocre at best.

Catherine_Creagan said...

A) I would be a little disturbed if you related to the Hulk in his monster incarnation

B) if Mr. Blue turned out to be Mr Fantastic, ew. mr fantastic is one of the most boring people EVER and he has got to win some kind of prize for having the dumbest super power

C) Ed Norton is many things, boring not being one of them

D) Ed Norton also reminds me of my brother in law, so don't call my family boring

E)He was practically fighting godzilla at the end. how is that lame?

F)the Hulk looked SO COOL...mmmHMMM

Ben Milton said...

Edward Norton = boring
Clone of the Hulk with spikes = lame, or at least, uninteresting. Now, spiderman, HE has interesting villains with unique designs and powers.
The movie didn't give me a reason to care about anyone in it. Mostly I was just waiting for the Hulk Smash line.

"Father Barry" said...

There are many reasons to have feelings of unhappiness or dissatisfaction after watching Juno. We shall discuss some of them shortly.

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