The Swell Season

So, this is rather late in coming, but I seem to have fallen pray to an irresistible urge to put up as much info and pictures from this concert as possible. Criticism seems to abound on his blog (ahem...Catherine) about Once. I would just like to point out that the two musicians in it, Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard, are very talented and that their music is unique and beautiful. I had the privilege of attending their latest concert, and it was phenomenal. It somehow held all the charm and fun of an Irish gig, while filling the Keller, which was packed to the rafters, with the full sound of a classical performance.


PF€€Z ! said...


Interesting blog.

I keep you in my favorites ;-)

I wish you the best.


Catherine_Creagan said...

Yo, ALL I said was that they swore up the wazoo. And you KNOW that to be true...

Zosia (z•O•sha') said...

yes, but it wasn't my first impression of the it was yours, apparently

Swordfish said...

I didnt notice the swearing, mainly I think because it fitted with the movie - thats just how they talk.I have to say it is an awesome movie

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