My life is just so hard

It was a long and tiring day. Catherine's feet hurt, she was feeling a little emotional after listening to some old choir music (almost twenty year old choir stuff) and her feet hurt. What with knowing she had to get up for work tomorrow and not being terribly excited about that, she was pretty happy to see that a new National Review had come in the mail. "I know", she thought. "I will listen to my new Coldplay cd and read Mark Steyn's piece. That'll pick me up." Imagine then her distress when she opened up the magazine to the last page and Happy Warrior column. Not on the last page, or the page before that, or any page. Why? Because Canada has reached that point where common sense has fled the metropolises and lesser burghs of that country and is hiding no one knows where. The powers that be in the great white north have become enamored of nonsense in the form of tolerating everything except the people who don't tolerate everything. Those particular people must needs be stifled. Mark Steyn wrote a book implying that Muslims have more children on average than most non Muslim Westerners. Oddly enough, that happens to be true, but Canada is apparently so desperately afraid of Islamic malcontent that they hauled Steyn (basically the love of my life) out of New Hampshire, where you can say what you think, to his home base, where you can only say what the State thinks. Bear in mind that this is the country where a Catholic priest could be (and has been) arrested for preaching the Church's position on homosexuality from the pulpit of his parish. Obviously the situation in Canada is an unpromising one for Canadians, but it's also incredibly inconvenient for Americans. All those subscribers to National Review wanted to read Mark Steyn, but no. He's on trial for straying from the official government line.


Swordfish said...

is catherine talking in the 3rd person? we are pretty ammused

Catherine_Creagan said...

Yeah, the royal we is pretty cool too.

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