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So now we're going to do first lines of books. I like most of them a lot. Personally, I think this one'll be super easy, but we'll see. 1. On an exceptionally hot evening early in July a young man came out of the garret in which he lodged in S---- Place and walked slowly, as though in hesitation, towards K---- Bridge. 2.It was almost December, and Jonas was beginning to be frightened. 3.Rising up into the air, they took to the sky and flew. 4.1801--I have just returned from a visit to my landlord--the solitary neighbour that I shall be troubled with. 5.On the second floor of one of the oldest houses on the right bank of the river lived the Alvears. 6.On Friday noon, July the twentieth, 1714, the finest bridge in all Peru broke and precipitated five travelers into the gulf below. 7.In your letter to me you emphasize the extraordinary courage with which the so-called "weaker sex" face death every day of these terrible times. 8.Among other public buildings in a certain town, which for many reasons it will be prudent to refrain from mentioning, and to which I will assign no fictitious name, there is one anciently common to most towns, great or small: to wit, a work-house... 9.The fourteenth of August was the day fixed upon for the sailing of the brig Pilgrim on her voyage from Boston round Cape Horn to western coast of North America. 10.It is perverse! To start a play made up of Kings and Cardinals in speaking costumes and intellectuals with embroidered mouths, with me.


"Father Barry" said...

I don't think I know all of these...but I definitely know #3. Awesome.

Catherine_Creagan said...

oh nice. i thought that one would be the hardest

Anonymous said...

i knew 2 and 6 right away.

the rest, some ring bells, others i have no clue.

you are tricky.

ooo! i just got back from googleing enders game to get the first line, see how fast you got it (probably a futile effort cos i *think* it says something about andrew wiggen in it anyways) but yeah, SO apparently they ARE making the movie, due 2008, the guy who did posiedon, troy, and air force one (worried face) is directing it, no cast, BUT orson scott card is writing the screenplay ... ?!


ps yeah, i havnt seen predator. i know i know.

Catherine_Creagan said...

That's cool...if Card's involved it probably won't be too big of a mess.
we should watch predator when you get back. totally pointless film, and kind of gross too...but it has great moments.
#10 you should've gotten...and #8 just think "work-house! work-house! who writes about that?"

"Father Barry" said...

#3 might be the hardest...but remember where you got your copy?

(I prefer to think of Petersen as the director of Das Boot and In the Line of Fire. That's more promising.)

Anonymous said...

oh right, i know it sounds sketch, but i got 8, i mean, yeah, workhouse workhouse and all that, def.

and yeah about card writing it, and ok jozeph, ill try not to worry about it

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and i guessed on 10, wasnt sure if i was right, and well, i was =)

Catherine_Creagan said...

what about #7? you've read it...

Anonymous said...

Wow. You read too much. I am ashamed...

Okay - so, 1 is obviously a Russian novel, probably FD, but I haven't read it (I know, I know, I'll get right on it.)

2 - nope.

3. Oh, yeah.

4. nope

5. no

6. of course

7. Finally got it, with Joseph's help.

8. Knew the author (workhouses!), guessed the title

9. not a clue

10. One of my favorites.

I'll have to do one of what I've been reading lately...

Catherine_Creagan said...

nicely done, Sarah.
1.Crime and Punishment
2.The Giver
3.The Hounds of the Morrigan
4.Wuthering Heights
5.The Cypresses Believe in God
6.The Bridge of San Luis Rey
7.The Song at the Scaffold
8.Oliver Twist
9.Two Years Before the Mast
10.A Man For All Seasons

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