spider-man 3

I went to see Spider-Man 3 last night, and was surprised to find that this one is my favorite one so far! It was a really good story, had some new and interesting characters, I was not bothered by Harry's existence for the first time, and it had some priceless comic moments. Bryce Dallas Howard made a perfect Gwen Stacy.

Despite the lateness of the hour, the theater was filled. And not with weridos in spidey suits, either. I think it made over fifty million the first day, which is good for the producers, since it cost something like 370-something million to make.

Anyway; I think I might be inclined to see it again.


Ben Milton said...

I dunno about that. I thought it was better than the first one, but nowhere close to the second. It really seemed to be trying to do WAY to much at once. I thought it would have been much better if they had just stuck with the black suit+new goblin. While sandman was amazingly well done, I don't think he really added anything that you couldn't have done with the other guys. It felt like they were trying to include EVERY other character you'd ever seen in the other films, even if just for a few lines, plus more superfluous ones. Farmer Hogget as Captain Stacy? I thought that was cool, but was then weirded out when they did NOTHING with it. There are a ton of string they set up in this movie that can be used later, but I don't think they will be.

I can't even keep the whole story straight in my head. Very muddled. And Venom was neither scary, nor well developed. He was just slapped on at the end for good measure. And he was too skinny. And you hardly ever even saw his face, in all it's alien, freakish glory. So bummed.

Catherine_Creagan said...

oh...I didn't find the storyline too hard to follow. and all the random new stuff made me happy. I just like getting boatloads of new information all at once. keeps me interested.
and you DID get to see venom's ugly mug. once too many, IMHO.
and what's wrong with Farmer Hogget being Cpt. Stacy? i mean, i know nothing of the comic books, so i don't know if the captain has an affinity for pigs that could have been developed, but what else does a police captain do? he's just there...
i thought the effects sequence with sandman trying to get up for the first time was amazing.
and at least they erred on the side of creativity coming out their ears rather than creativity barely putting one foot in front of the other.

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