Eliot Ness would be so disgusted

I'm sick of teenagers. Mostly I'm sick of teenagers who are stupid and rebellious because they honestly have nothing better to do. What do you say to someone who tells you that underage drinking is fine in moderation, just like all other drinking? (I think the rationale is something along the lines of...little kids are allowed to drink in Europe, so why can't we?) See, I'm not even going to go into how the brain is not fully formed until age 25; of course alcohol is going to mess with your brain if you imbibe pre-25. You want to drink at home with family, whatever. Knock yourself out. (Not literally, please.) My problem is that these kiddos think it's fine to break the law if it's a mundane, maybe not perfectly sensible law. No question about breaking a law if it's immoral; that goes without saying. But what about not drinking before you're 21? Natural law doesn't really say anything about it, but Federal law does. As Eliot Ness said about Prohibition: "It's the law of the land." Now, Prohibition was a seriously bad idea. It increased crime rate unbelievably and actually increased the rate at which Americans drank. But that shouldn't have mattered to the Average Joe. Average Joe should have obeyed the law because it was the law, not broken it because he knew better. Whatever happened to obedience being a virtue in and of itself?


Anonymous said...

Um, are you sure it increased the rate at which Americans drank? I've always understood that although the crime rate may have gone up, the law did in fact achieve its goal of curbing alcohol use and abuse.

Catherine_Creagan said...

er...granted, I'm getting my info from the unreliable Mrs. Carroll, but this is what she said. Speakeasies and whatnot...people securing alcohol for dinners because of the thrill of it or whatever. People love breaking laws, it gives them a high.

Alucard said...

According to Mr Paul Johnson, who i think is an excellent historian, the crime rate increased and also the mafia obtained capital to begin operations.

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