you people are so lazy

Since no one's commenting (or no one's which case there's not much I can do) I've devised a game. I'm going to list ten movies I love, give a quote from each, and then you have to guess which they are. Now you'll have to comment. And don't google them, then it's pointless!! 1.Never take your eyes off your opponent... even when you bow. 2.You went halfway around the world. You spent a fortune. You did terrible things. Really terrible things, R-----. And all for nothing. 3.I don't care about the thirty dead. I care about my knighthood. 4.Now that we know who you are, I know who I am. I'm not a mistake. 5.When a man with .45 meets a man with a rifle, you said, the man with a pistol's a dead man. Let's see if that's true. Go ahead, load up and shoot. 6.You look quite fashionable. Apart from the mud. 7.The best horse will win in spite of pedigree, my boy. 8.A bit of musicality, please! 9.Sleeping in the streets and pulling out their hair for someone they never knew. And they think we're mad! 10.She says the jungle... it just came alive and took him.


"Father Barry" said...

Ah, the presence #4 gives me warm fuzzies. And I think #2 would be difficult enough even with the name. (I'm at a loss on #1 and #7, I must admit.)

Catherine_Creagan said...

Ah, warm fuzzies. Yeah, I think Esther may know #1, and maybe Ben will. And she might know #7 too.
Should I give the name for #2? I think you already know it...

"Father Barry" said...

Well, since I already know #2, let's leave it the way it is and see if anyone else gets it. (I'm guessing at #9, as well...but I'm pretty sure I know what it is.)

Catherine_Creagan said...

yeah...even if you haven't seen the movie, if you think about it, you'll get it.

Anonymous said...

Whoa - I am so lost.

Oddly enough, I know 1, though. Thank you, C., S. and E.!

Two - not even an inkling. Have I seen it?

Three - and when you get to know him, he's much worse.

Four - Joseph would probably request a legal separation if I didn't get that one.

Five - Huh? Clint, maybe?

Six - sounds familiar, but I'm drawing a blank.

Seven - Not a clue.

Eight - Yeah! That one's for Esther!

Nine - Nope.

Ten - Also Nope.

Now do your favorite books!

esther said...
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esther said...

ok, i knew #1 instantly and thought, "oh, this is easy"

then i didnt know any more till 4 and 5.

i feel so inadaquate

see, 2 is ok, ive only seen it once, 3 ... well, honestly, i never would have known that, 4 reeks of MKS, 5 reeks (as well) of CE, 6 i knew i knew but i couldnt for the life of me place it, 7 i never would have guessed, 8 i knew i knew but also, couldnt place, and then, 9 and 10 i havent seen

yes, i googled because it was going to drive me insane and i have things to do

harumph, and btw, im not being a jerk, the internet here is being STUPID and wont let me access my blog, so yes, i will go soon to my cafe and update from there, its just been kinda nutty

oh yeah, fyi, i got my theatre and cinema paper back:
"i really like your approach and you used your wider reading expertly to support your premises ... well done, HD"


oh yes, and i got my hair cut, ill post picture when i CAN get to the site (its very exciting!)

Catherine_Creagan said...

sarah--i don't think you've seen #2...yet. nice on #3, hehe.#5 is indeed clint.#6 you should know, I don't know if you've seen #7.
ESTHER?! you haven't seen #10??? what gives??

Catherine_Creagan said...

oh and btw, this is the best quote from the queen:You know, when you get it wrong you really get it wrong. That woman has given her whole life in service to her people. Fifty years doing a job she never wanted, a job she watched kill her father. She's executed it with honour, dignity and, as far as I can tell, without a single blemish and now we're all baying for her blood! All because she's struggling to lead the world in mourning for someone who threw everything she offered back in her face, and who for the last few years seemed committed 24/7 to destroying everything she holds most dear!

YEAH! i <3 Tony Blair.

Catherine_Creagan said...

ok, just so everything's clear...

1. enter the dragon
2. the prestige
3. the ghost and the darkness
4. unbreakable
5. a fistful of dollars
6. batman begins
7. daniel deronda
8. strictly ballroom
9. the queen
10. predator

"Father Barry" said...

Well, I was lost on #1 and #7. But I did just fine on the others...

Anonymous said...

show off =p

"Father Barry" said...

Indeed. I don't get to do it that often, so I've got to take advantage of it when I can...

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