reason number 14 not to steal large amounts of cash

You might be attacked and slain in a shower.

I saw Psycho for the first time this weekend and it made quite an impression. I make it a habit not to watch scary movies because it takes very little to disturb or frighten me...and I did scream out loud not once but twice. Once when the detective goes up the stairs and...well, anyway, and then again when the boyfriend character walks past an open door and Norman is just standing there...I couldn't take it.

But it was so well made and so well scored and such a perfect example of how to scare people. Don't try to gross them out. If you really want to terrify people, don't show them much of anything and let their imaginations take over. Works much better that way.

Fortunately for me, I was preoccupied enough with how cute Anthony Perkins is (was, whatever) that I wasn't as scared as I could have been.

Anyhoo, good movie, fun to watch with people who haven't seen it. I think I should watch more Hitchcock.


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