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Yesterday, Katie Smillie walked up to me and asked if I had a blog called the morning oil. I said yes, but I do not post on it, Stephen's sister Catharine does. This made me feel guilty. So here is a post. Katie Smillie is probably reading it right now. (Hello Katie! :P)
In recent news, trees are spontaneously collapsing, civil unrest is rising to amusing levels, and I have my dorm addicted to Astro City comic books. All is well. Tomorrow I am 21. I think I will take the day off.


esther said...


(i almost fell off my chair when i saw "21" ... how long since playing redrover in the hallways of HR during third order meetings????)

Ben Milton said...

Yeah, it's a little surreal, but fun. Me and some friends are going to red robins tonight. Low key. Which is good.

Anonymous said...

Did you have chocolate milk, or were you cajoled into drinking the evil firewater?


Love, Pop

Catherine_Creagan said...

happy late birthday!

Anonymous said...

Many happy (belated) returns of the day!

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