...and the horse you rode in on.

So Law&Order's been advertising still more cases "ripped from the headlines". But the one that caught my eye was the celebrity who gets arrested for drunk driving. And then we get to see a clip of said celebrity getting in some woman's face and yelling " You're a Jew, aren't you?" (If it's any consolation, he didn't look a thing like Mel) At the time I didn't quite know what to say. Then I thought to myself...what is wrong with these people? To me, responsible human beings don't jump on another to sell a tv show. That's the action of rabidly starving wild animals, who need food. So if your writers are that desperate, it should tell you something. Like...maybe they should get a new job. Now to change the topic. I love Steve Hartman; he's funny, original, and pretty much always has a great story to tell. But tonight on CBS I was disappointed for the first time. He was covering illegal immigration, and a photo gallery that shows pictures illegal immigrants take crossing the border and pictures taken by the minute men trying to stop them. That's all well and good and interesting, but then why oh WHY did he (Hartman) then take sample pictures to prospective illegal immigrants? And ask them if they know that Americans don't want them to come? Will try to keep them out? Will discriminate against them? AIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry. Then the young girl looks at him and tells him that she knows Americans are afraid of them and will discriminate against them because of their color, but that doesn't matter because we're all equal. Ok. So we have another tear jerker, but missed the point entirely...which is that those mean Americans "don't want" Mexicans coming in ILLEGALLY. Yes, we love immigrants. Immigrants made this country what it is. But we also aren't terribly fond of people who break the law. Isn't that still alright? Sheesh. Immigration needs to reformed, though. It's ridiculously difficult to get into America. ( As a legal immigrate, in other words) Immigration has practically become our monument to useless paperwork and frustration (...yes, I mean bureaucracy)


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