Lugheads, guttersnipes, and THE PATRIOTS!!!!

My computer is behaving oddly, otherwise I would post the by now famous picture of some of our troops in Iraq holding up a sign...a plea for help, addressed to John Kerry. See here. I have to say, my initial reaction to the Massachusets senator's "botched joke" was complete disbelief. I mean to say; how stupid can you get? A week to go in the elections, and you want to start intimating that our troops are idiots? Not as stupid as you, you lughead... In further news, I have firmly come to the conclusion that journalists are, by in large, feckless, irresponsible guttersnipes. Now what? Oh, just the story that was aired on ABC, CBS, and NBC. About Iraq being oh so close to complete chaos. Complete with nifty chaos meter. All this fascinating information? Courtesy of the New York Times. What exactly they're trying to accomplish is beyond me. I'm trying to think of any way in which a story like that all over the MSM is going to help the situation...oh wait, the elections are next Tuesday, aren't they? However, we may end on a positive note. The Patriots played some wicked football on Monday (Minnesota was made to bite the dust, 31-7). No power in the 'verse can stop them.


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