gee whiz

People are so rude these days. I realize it's hard to build a house quietly; the construction workers next to my house have been remarkably subdued up until now. I don't know what changed, but now they've upped the volume about 200%. One day it's just tap tap tapping on the beams...the next thing I know, I go out to get the mail and am greeting by the dulcet strains of WE ARE FAMILY!!!!!! I'VE GOT ALL MY SISTERS WITH ME!!!!!!!! I don't remember the disco era and count myself blessed. But I have a vague idea of what a disco move should look like and performed a few wild gyrations down the driveway (wouldn't have made it in Saturday Night Fever, but I tried) and achieved the desired effect. The music was silenced...whether the guy made a decision to get dinner or simply aghast by what he'd seen, I have no idea. And today they've learned that yelling is more productive than seeking out and speaking to. JOHN! YOU MEASURE THAT? YEAH!! CUT A COUPLE INCHES OFF! ugh. I'm to civilized to brandish my fist at them.


Anonymous said...

What? No YouTube link of the wild gyrations? Where is your tech savvy?

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