The Golden Compass

After much wrangling over a choice of directors, the movie The Golden Compass is finally getting underway. With the director of American Pie at the helm, things are looking bleak already, but this recently released still perks up my hope a bit. All the behind the scenes stuff I've seen look very neat, mostly because studios are realizing how much money these epic fantasy movies can make. Lyra is being played by an unknown, Dakota Blue Richards (that's right, a different Dakota), but Daniel Craig aka The New James Bond will be playing Lord Asriel, Nichole Kidman will be Mrs Coulter, and Eva Green will be the witch Serefina Pekkala. New Line was reported to be concerened at first with the series' blatant anti-God message, but it's still uncertain how much, if at all, those themes have been diluted. Pullman declared he was happy with the script though, so that might be evidence enough. On an ironic note, it appears the movie will be realsed in competion with Prince Caspian, which ought to prove to be very revealing, seeing as Pullman has pretty much anounced himself to be Lewis's antithesis on all matters moral and thematic. I'll probably end up seeing both. There isn't a whole lot to object to in The Golden Compass; things only get seriously loopy in The Amber Spyglass, and, taken strictly as a literary work, it's remakably well written. For more information on the His Dark Materials book trilogy, go to the Wiki page here. Sorry for the rather extended leave...I'll try to get more posts up here from now on. Unless I can't.


Anonymous said...

Chris Weitz seems like an odd choice. I wonder if his brother will be heavily involved. They've been nearly inseparable up until now.

And I'm interested in this claim about The Golden Compass being largely unobjectionable. As someone who has never read the books, (except for a couple excerpts in various articles), I would love to see this fleshed out a bit.

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