Black November

It's kind of hard to write about this blasted month. The election seems so far away now; I can honsetly say that the disappointment over Santorum has worn off. But then Texas lost (unjustly, too...there's the rub) to A&M. Setting the stage for Saturday night. Can't deny it...I shed my fair share of anguished tears. One of the first horrified thoughts that crossed my mind was, "God doesn't care about football after all!!!" Of course once rationality returned, I realized that He says "no" to His Irish children more often than any others. I just hope those hard earned (and painful I might add) miles gave some extra strength to Brady. He took a heck of a pounding that night.


Anonymous said...

oh catherine, it has been a rough month. many many hearts were wrung over the weekend. but everything happens for a reason [rhema et al dropping balls like that? something was off ... it was borderline fatalistic] and we have the sugar bowl on the horizon

keep up your spirits, we'll all be back for each other in 19 days ... !!!

Catherine_Creagan said...

of course I take comfort where I can...such as a Patriot victory on Sunday and exemption from choir practice tomorrow. But still.

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