check out them jaws

So I watched Jaws for the first time a week ago...all very scary until the shark jumped onto the boat. At that point, I lost all my fear and wonder; it became more of a "what was THAT?"

For some reason, I find the concept of a man eating shark much scarier than man eating anything else. The Ghost and the Darkness is one of my favorite movies of all's tense, but doesn't scare me. Maybe because lions don't live in the Pacific Northwest. Not that sharks do either...but still. They're so creepy! You can't see them and then they're right on top of you and they have such HUGE mouths!!!! (see above) They just look evil. At least you can tame a lion and it can be a big cat.


Catherine_Creagan said...

I just realized something...maybe you can swim into that thing's mouth and live! it's so big, you could probably hang in there without danger!

Anonymous said...

Arg! She's resorted to commenting on her own posts!

So now you know what Bekah means when she talks about jumping the shark. Of course, she says it about everything.

And it's not so much the size of the mouth - it's the number of teeth!

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