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Man am I in a good mood. I couldn't post for a couple of days, (seriously, the computer was inaccessible in a major way) and then I get back and there all these COMMENTS!!! life is good.

My sources tell me that I have been causing Fr. Barry consternation by not disclosing my views on the Prestige. So here goes.


Very much, in fact. I was so excited after seeing the first time, I was bouncing off the walls with anticipation, waiting to watch it again the next weekend! Oh, it was amazing. I can't wait for the good Father (Barry) to post some insights and whatnot so we can all talk about it forever. Oh my. It really is one of my favorite movies ever, and it was so much better the second time! I can only imagine it gets consistently better every time you watch it. Little things one catches...oooooh. So exciting. I don't know if I want to say too much specifically, in case some innocent soul has not seen it yet. Don't want to spoil anything.

Update on War and Peace! I am disgusted by the fact that the stupid editor of my copy took it into his head to change all the names into their Anglicized versions. What was he thinking?? Andrei sounds soooo much better than Andrew, Nickolai is better than Nicholas, Pyotr is better than Peter, so on and so forth. It's unbelievably aggravating. I think I've gotten to the point in Russian literature where the nicknames really don't phaze me anymore. I mean, it's just like calling me Cathy or Kitty (Kitty only if you're a cute little kid) or calling a James Jim or Jimmy or calling Mary Polly for heaven's sake. So I'm used to Dmitris being called Mitya or Mitenka or Mitushka, or Alexeis being called Alyosha or Alyoshka. Comes with the territory, they love having multiple names. It's cool!


Rudy Wellsand said...

I was interested in THIS and your March 6th post, as well. I'm sure that you have a great 'feel' for the work you're doing, but wondered if your writings convey where YOU are in the great scheme of things.

Towards THAT end...


See the 'CHOSEN'Code and 'COLOR'Code; VISIT: !

Save or Print it to study.


Catherine_Creagan said...

I don't need to find codes in the bible, that's why I'm a Catholic. Thanks to free will, I make my own choices and choose my own destiny.

I'm still debating whether you're being serious or not...of course, having no idea who you are isn't helping. As for the work I'm doing...well, at present it's mostly just trying to stay in the state of grace. How about you?

"Father Barry" said...

I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief. I loved the film so much, I'm very worried whenever I hear that someone else has watched it. Having difference of opinion on film is easy. (Except for when I'm very emotionally involved, and that was definitely the case here.)

I'm still only seen it the one time, but I keep remembering little things that change the way I was thinking about it. Sign of a wonderfully written script. (And I love the fact that the film follows the same form as the magic tricks: pledge, turn, and the prestige. Awesome.)

Catherine_Creagan said...

OH, trust me, it's so amazing when you watch it the second time! and it IS a magic trick, just like one. Like the wife said when Bale showed her the bullet catch secret...once you know, it seems so obvious. Once you know the movie's secret, it seems so obvious! Watching it again, I wondered (SPOILER ALERT) how I didn't notice that Fallon never talked, how I didn't notice that Bale was playing two COMPLETELY different characters, and especially how he talked to the wife when he was the husband as opposed to how he talked to her when he was the brother. Amazing.

My dad had the same problem Esther did, I think, that there was no redeemable character, but my Mom and I convinced him that the Bale that survived was a good guy, really he was.

I want to watch it with you again!! argh, you guys should come up in the summer!

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