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It has come to my attention that my loyal reader(s) wish(es) to have a dissertation on the spiritual state of orcs. I'll do my best. I'm inclined to think they do have souls, since they can talk and interact...but do they have free will? Doesn't look like it, since they seem unable to make a decision based on anything except self interest. So maybe when they're created (how are orcs made? out of some primordial stew? does sauron just snap his fingers and made more out of thin air? they die off really fast, so how do the goblins in the misty mountains keep reproducing? spores?) their minds are twisted so that they are literally incapable of evincing any virtues. Ouch. In which case they are not responsible for their actions, so maybe they can't go to hell. And since I can't imagine them appreciating Heaven, I think we'll just have to trust that Illuvatar (sp?) knows where to put them. Apropos of nothing, do orcs die of old age? Well, that's enough of that. I am currently recuperating from my American Literature test, for which I produced a record eleven pages of writing. Seton leads the way, all the way, Hoorah. War and Peace is picking up the pace...lots of war, not so much peace. And I'm almost through with The Crusades (written by the love of my life) so at last I'll be able to say I've actually read something by Belloc.


Anonymous said...

*clapping* Well done, well done. In fact you have come to the same conclusion as I. It is always interesting to see another's opinions of the matter.

Melkor/Morgoth, not being able to create anything, had to satisfy himself with twisting Elves to such an extent that they became Orcs. In regard to this, Tolkien, in one of his letters, said, “In the legends of the Elder Days it is suggested that the Diabolus subjugated and corrupted some of the earliest Elves, before they had ever heard of the ‘gods’, let alone of God.”

As to how they reproduce, I confess I am left in the dark. Tolkien--to my knowledge--never addressed this issue. However, since Orcs were bred from Elves, it seems likely that they could not die from old age.

11 pages? Impressive.

Belloc...hmm, I think the only thing I have read by him was his book about Martin Luther. It was quite interesting though.

Anonymous said...

look, im reading! im reading!
the dealio is that i tend to not have any bright ideas or snappy comments to ... ah, comment.

i liked your one about jaws though. you have to love when the boat gets eaten, i mean, the movie is rediculous. and amazing.
dont you love the captain?!
(what is it about 'captains' anyways?)

so yeah ... thats all i got.
that and its pretty much impossible trying to sleep in this heat. baugh.

Lenor said...

Hey, somebody post on my blog!!!!

Of course Orcs have souls, the question is what kind of soul they have.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Esther, we need another update on YOUR blog...

Catherine_Creagan said...

WEEEE!!!! I'm loved!!!

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