new week

I heard that the Patriots are letting Corey Dillon go; which I'm not that upset about. Last time I watched him go, he looked more like he was walking around rather than running around. I started War and Peace last week, hoping against hope that I'll finish by Easter...I'm told that it's not likely. We'll see. Yesterday I discovered that hauling lumber is not my calling in life--my hands are a wreck. I am at a loss for words, but I did promise a certain someone that I would write every day. It's harder than it looks!


"Father Barry" said...

You can totally finish War and Peace by Easter. (Oh, wait. You planning to do eating and sleeping before Easter, too?)

Where are you at the moment? And have you come to grips with the fact that everyone has 100 different names?

Catherine_Creagan said...

I think I am slowly coming to grips with the names...harder to keep straight are the exact relatioships. Toooo many of them, to be sure.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you're posting every day, I'll have to check in more often. I'd about given up.

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