Chernobyl Ride

This is a photo journal by a Russian woman named Elena, about a ride she took on her Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle through the ruins of Chernobyl. There's something unsettling about the landscape, and the total emptyness of the city and its surrounding villages. Everything, the amusement parks, the office buildings, the farms have been deserted for 18 years, leaving a weird time capsule of Soviet Russia. She says that tourist companies have tried to host tours through the safer areas, but would turn back after 15 minutes, their customers complaining about the deafening silence. Link


Catherine_Creagan said...

Chernobyl has always terrified me, ever since I was a little kid. Years and years ago I watched a 60 minutes piece on it, and never quite recovered.
All the abandoned buildings, possessions left behind...and then there wasn't silence, they were playing the eeriest music over loudspeakers. Couldn't get much more frightening.
Ever since then, I have had special misgivings about all things nuclear.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I read an article in National Geographic about Chernobyl a while ago.

Silence like that would be amazing. I often wish it was that silent here (though of course without all the additional side effects.)

Catherine_Creagan said...

Hack, hack...*gags*. Why is my skin turning blue....?

Anonymous said...

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