Bet you weren't expecting this!

Ben feels we have fallen into a rut, and to allay his fears, I will now post on totally random and unexpected topics. Such as Whirling Dervishes. Cool picture, huh?
Apparently dervish means mendicant in ancient Persian and dervishes are a sect of a sect of Islam. They beg to learn humility, but cannot keep their earnings for themselves and have to give it all away. So I don't know how they live or eat...maybe they don't. In Turkey they perform whirling to obtain religious ecstacy, holding one palm up to receive energy and one palm down to transmit it to the earth. They are also a major tourist attraction.
Now that I've edified you all, I think I'll be on my way. And I hope that this was off the beaten path enough to surprise you all.


"Father Barry" said...

"No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!"

Catherine_Creagan said...

dangit, that was going to be my next one!

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