pretty much lame

So. I am full of fresh vituperation to heap upon that worthless, lowdown, conniving buch of hobos called "Congress". Their new conception of daylight savings has struck again.... My television, it would seem, has a little chip in it that tells it when to switch times with daylight savings. Said machine did switch times when it used to be daylight savings, before Congress stepped in. As a result...I recorded Prisonbreak instead of 24. I am so outraged and yet to powerless. Woe is me! I have somewhere around 100 pages left of War and Peace. Yes, that would be 100, not 1000. However, it is not worth pulling out my eaglesbobbleheaddoll dance because I'm totally fed up with it. Andrei is dead, and Pierre (can't stand him) is still lumbering around, presumably well on his way to marrying Natasha. Another reason for me to be in a foul mood!


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