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I just remembered that TIE fighters make an excruciating screeching sound when they go flying around...in space. Isn't space a vacuum? Shouldn't there be...no sound? And you shouldn't be able to hear the lasers either. It doesn't make any sense. And then (surprise surprise) I was watching Star Trek last night and the intrepid crew started panicking because they were....low on fuel??? You're in space, for crying out loud! Why don't you just turn on the engine, and then turn it off? There's no air resistance, and nothing to slow you down.

It frustrates me.

For those of you who notice "distinct veins" in my writing, my deepest apologies. I had been brooding about this and needed to let it out.


Ben Milton said...

No you're absolutely right. This is why firefly is cool. No sound in space. Also, how can ships explode when there is no oxygen?

At the risk of revealing more of my dork side, I think the star trek warp drive needs fuel to sustain it's space bending capabilities. It isn't just simple forward momentum. Or so I'm led to believe.

Catherine_Creagan said...

yeah, but (I was going to restrain myself, but I think my geek status is already firmly in place) most of the time they're just puttering around at impulse speed and the runabout that they were freaking out over definitely did not have warp capability.

on the other hand, if TIE fighters didn't screech, they wouldn't be half so imposing.

Anonymous said...

If the Enterprise fired up her engines, turned them off and just left it at that, the crew would be fossilized before they got anywhere. That's the whole point.

There is oxygen in the ships, presumably (the crew breathes, after all) and the explosions they worry about are matter/antimatter ones. Way bigger.

Catherine_Creagan said...

OOOOHHH....i bask in your wisdom.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you feel a need to apologize becase there are "distinct veins" in your writing. It's natural. Besides, that's what blogs are for (at least that's how I've always understood them): for you to rant and rave--or not--about whatever you want.

The sounds in Star Wars don't bother me. Really, they're just for those watching (and listening). But what about when you have people out in space--yes in space where there is no oxygen--fighting with light sabers. Why aren't they dead? Because they're jedi?

I don't want tv much and I never saw firefly, but I heard it was cool. I want to see Serenity. You've probably seen it, right? Is it good?

Catherine_Creagan said...

ja, ja, Serenity was good. who fights in space with lightsabers??? is my memory failing me???

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