The Squint of Clint!

Too bad for you people; I was going to do a piece on combat robots, it being about time for a completely random and unexpected train of thought. But then someone deleted it and quite frankly I had no inclination to research a topic that strange all over again.
On the other hand, I've watched A Fistful of Dollars about five times since renting it on Saturday. I kind of forgot that it's one of my must have movies..."I don't think it's nice, you laughing. My mule doesn't like it; he gets the crazy idea you're laughing at him..."
Very quotable. And hilarious. And the music is fabulous.
I got to go play tennis now, only one more week.


Anonymous said...

aaahhh!! i LOVE wierdness!!
so an ongoing debate in port lodge has been "which movie character would you want to be" which swiftly narrowed down to "would you rather be han solo or indiana jones" (im all about han, but i think indy's winning by a slight majority) ((oh yes, and my 'girl' reply was evie from the mummy. it was met with semi blank stares, then this *ah* and a "you would"))
ok, but yeah, before harrison monopolized the conversation, clint eastwood was up and being seriously considered by zach and steve, which lead to a long conversation about the relative merits of the whole "man with no name" trilogy (steve ended up completely breaking away from the pack and ultimately decided on benny "the jet" rodriguze (sp?))


i get home from work last night, and wadaya know! the guys went out and rentd all three, and watched fistfull while i was at work
steve and zach were gone by the time i got back, otherwise they would have gotten chewed out for not waiting. as it is, im going to hunt them down soon.


so how wierd is that? i come home last night to all these movies, and was like, "ah. catherine would be so happy", and THEN it turns out youve been watching them all week and blog about them the next morning!

and ps, i cant wait to pull out the bobba fett/clint thing, the guys will die. and once again, be in awe of my random trivia knowhow (thanks!)

Catherine_Creagan said...

Great minds think alike. Well, if you couldn't be Evie who WOULD you be? Who were the other girls voting for?
Fistful may be my favorite...but man, Good, bad, and ugly is SO DANG HILARIOUS. have fun watching all those. For a few dollars more is pretty random, but i liked it. It's kind of hard not to like one of these...
Seriously, i think the Boba Fett thing is just toooo much. love it.

"Father Barry" said...

Fistful is a very fine film. Few More, not quite so good. But I own Good, Bad and Ugly. It's a masterpiece.

Catherine_Creagan said...

I'm so excited to watch The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly again!!! Don't know when exactly I'm going to rent it, but it's going to happen soon.

Anonymous said...

true true true

um, other girls were pulling for ... cinderella, jasmine, beauty, the girl from runaway bride (aahhh! she gets richard gere!!! *gag*), a bond girl, a charlies angel,leia ...

see, my problem with the whole thing is guys have all these SWEET characters to choose from (the captain! o'connell! han! (although granted i had to immediately stipulate that no TV characters were allowed, seeing that it would have been a universal "jack" and then no more conversation)), but initially all the girls were simply deciding based on who they would end up with. geeze

then i pointed this out, made some comment about how despite everything feminism never gets too far anyway does it, and then we all sat around trying to thik of really great female film roles - in and of themselves, nothing to do with the guy.
yeah, i know they're out there, but i still cant think of many.

evie, lara croft, the jennifer connelly character from Blood Diamond,angelina from Beyond Borders ..... common, help me out here

actually thinking about it i might change my vote to ange in BB ... whatever, im just doing anything to NOT finish this paper

Catherine_Creagan said... could be the woman with the sunglasses who talk helen keller to move beyond the neaderthal stage. she was pretty cool.
personally, i think the concept of leia is great...who would't want to be a princess with a blaster? sometimes she's kind of lame, though, so you would have to really take over her character.
i kind of hate lara croft...and i never saw beyond borders...
and why would you want to be a bond girl? think about the name! "bond girl?" you either end up dead or dumped, and very used both ways.

Anonymous said...

uh yeah, thats why i was getting annoyed

helen keller lady = good idea
i thought she was a real person though ... we're trying to stay away from non-fiction

leia? well, princess with a blaster, yes is awesome, but the you hit ti dead on.
SO annoying

Catherine_Creagan said...

fake women characters are seldom really prepossessing. that's the problem. really, once you think about it, Evie's really one of the only options.

Lenor said...

hey I wanna play....I'll be the Vampire chick from Underworld.....Kate whatshername. Yeah, I could live with a body like that....

Catherine_Creagan said...

as the token skinny one in the family, you have no business saying that...

esther said...

AH! boodles you rule! i completely forgot about her

yes yes yes, excellent choice. shes most excellent.


(beckendsdale pr something like that)

Catherine_Creagan said...

what about Marion from indiana jones?

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