Spy Wednesday

I almost forgot what day it was today. In fact, it's hard to realize that it is in fact Holy Week already. Palm Sunday was a little surreal and life has been more than a little hectic since then.
Do we know that Judas is in Hell? We're not supposed to judge anyone, and Dante was hardly an authority on roll call down there. On the other hand, if Jesus says that it would be better that you were never born...I can't imagine that you would end up in Heaven, since that would mean that it was better that you were born. And why was it better for Judas never to be born? Jesus had to die to complete His mission, so he would have been handed over to the Sanhedrin one way or another. My theory is that it's because he not only lost belief in Jesus but also despaired and killed himself, thus committing what is called an "unforgivable sin". I think that means that if you truly despair, it is unforgivable because you decide that you can't be forgiven, and don't bother repenting.


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