Okay, I admit it. I have been avoiding posting on such a painful topic. I am now faced with the awful realization that, fan though I am, I can't keep posting about the Patriots when they aren't doing anything. And can I just say that I am sick of people consoling me by saying, "Well, Tom Brady has enough Super Bowl rings. Peyton needs one now." This is not kindergarten; one doesn't have to share if one is not inclined to. In fact, if one shares on purpose, one gets fired. Besides, since when was there a Super Bowl win quota? In other news, 24 is just about the craziest show in the world. I love it to pieces. A particularly appropriate aphorism, since nearly everything is combustible in 24. I watched Masterpiece Theatre's Jane Eyre on Sunday. Enjoyable enough to lessen some of the pain my soul was writhing in. If your psyche has undergone severe and searing agony, nothing like a little Jany Eyre to make you feel on top of the world. While we're on the topic, Charlotte Bronte was a good writer. Emily Bronte was not. For the impressionable teenage girls out there, Wuthering Heights is not romantic. It's stupid. Another book I can't stand is Captain Blood. I was conned into reading it because I thought it was about pirates. Instead, I find it to be a bunch of anti Spanish/Catholic drivel, piled on high and thick. It's not even well done as propaganda.


Zosia (z•O•sha') said...

NOW that's just not fair.
Agreed - Emily Bronte can't write. and Withering Heights, or however the book is spelled, isn't worth the read. It'd terrible.
HOWEVER - Captain Blood is a great book. Granted, it is anti-Catholic, since it is written from an Irish protestant point of view, but there's nothing wrong with not liking Spain! AND you've got to admit it's well written. I've read allot of Sabatinni and none of his books are propaganda. All are written from different points of view and all are well written. Of course, they're adventure stories. You can't expect to find deep philosophical meaning behind a swashbuckling pirate and his gang of cutthroats. But you can enjoy it for what it's worth.

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