sports commentators.

My computer was being vicious for a while and I couldn't post. Sorry. Now I am going to inform you all that I detest sports commentators. Not all of them, to be sure; but enough of them to bitterly condemn (in a lighthearted sort of way) the profession. Why do we need somebody telling us that "He probably wishes he'd gotten that touchdown now" or "Bet he wishes he could've held on to that one"??? (I'm using football examples because that's mostly what I watch) You think? Yeah, maybe he might have wanted to win, because after all, that what one tries to do in football. Good lord; at the rate some of them commentate, I could commentate football games, and I've never even played. There are moments when interesting information about the players is disclosed...but too often it just gets repeated until you feel like tearing your hair out. Anybody remember last years' Tostitos Fiesta Bowl? "And, as you know, Brady Quinn's sister is dating AJ Hawk"....five minutes later, "Brady Quinn's sister watching...she's dating AJ Hawk, actually" ....two minutes later, "Brady Quinn's sister must be having a tough time deciding between her brother's team and the Buckeyes since as you know, she's dating AJ Hawk..." YES. WE KNOW. And take last night at the Sugar Bowl. The ruddy commentator couldn't even pronounce Notre Dame properly. You'd think that would be a prerequisite to commentating, but no. He went on calling it Notra Dame all night. Just what are the job requirements, anyway?


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