the mystery of the sleeves.

The Patriots may not be playing for a few months, but that's not going to stop me from wondering about Bill Bellichick's sleeves. I'm sure there is a story behind his savage scissor action, but I have yet to discover it. Is he too warm? Then why wear a sweatshirt? Does he want to look like a sherpa? Then where's his woolly hat? My guess is that he's tired of roling up his sleeves; but this still seems like an extreme measure to take just because you're sick of your sleeves falling down. I wonder what he does with the discarded material...maybe he could make them into sweaters for tiny dogs. I don't know...obviously the age of coaches attired in suits and ties is long gone, but I don't think people were expecting a fashion statement, either. It's quite perplexing.


Anonymous said...

I've always figured it was a Franciscan thing...

...or perhaps he likes to cultivate the image of "reclusive football genius who cares about nothing but his team and his strategy.

One of those two.

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